The health benefits of red lentils

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Lentils are affordable, highly nutritious legumes. With a variety of texture, taste and colours, lentils are a pantry staple in various cuisines globally.

And among other coloured lentils, red lentils have a sweet, distinct flavour. Appearing red to orange, it’s the quickest and easiest to prepare among lentil varieties and creates a smooth puree-like consistency once cooked; a perfect ingredient for traditional Indian stews or dhal, curries and thick creamy soups.

Not only are they perfect for thickening soups and stews, but red lentils pack a ton of health benefits and nutrients that your body will just love you for.

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High nutritional value

Red lentils are a welcome food for vegans and non-vegans alike because of their high nutritional value that can be easily added to your diets. It is also a great meat substitute that won’t weigh you down and may help in your weight loss regimen.

Considered to be a superfood, red lentil showcases astounding amounts of essential vitamins and minerals that your body will be happy to obtain. Due to their high protein and fibre content, incorporating red lentils into your diet is a great way to get all these health benefits.

Some of the nutritional health benefits of red lentils include:

Excellent source of fibre

One cup of cooked red lentils contains approximately 40 grams of carbohydrates, of which 15 grams are dietary fibre. And one cup of cooked red lentils contains only 3.6 grams of sugar, which means that it has a low impact in increasing sugar levels in the bloodstream.

High in protein

One cup serving of red lentils has 17.8 grams of protein which satisfies 32% of the daily protein requirement for men and 38% for women. Although red lentils do not have enough amino acids, eating them together with other sources of plant-based protein like whole grains and black beans can complete the amino acids that your body needs in a day.

RL-Red lentils in a wodden bowl

Rich in B-vitamins

Red lentils are superior in providing B-vitamins. They are high in vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and thiamine. And cooked red lentils have 358 micrograms of vitamin B9, also known as folate. Eating just one cup of cooked red lentils each day provides 90% of the 400 micrograms of folate needed daily by adults. Folate is essential in synthesising red blood cells and DNA to aid in energy metabolism.

Source of iron

There are 6.6 milligrams of iron in one cup of cooked red lentils.

Men need 8 milligrams of this mineral, so one cup of red lentils provides 82% of their daily requirement for men. Women, on the other hand, need 18 milligrams of iron, thus one cup of cooked red lentils provides 37% of the recommended daily intake of this mineral for women.

RL - Vegan lentil bolognese in a pan

Health benefits

Red lentils are not only full of nutritional value, they are perfect for cooking great stews and soup. Red lentils also have tremendous health benefits, such as improving skin health and assisting weight loss.

Other health benefits of red lentils include:

Promotes a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy in women is not always easy, especially if mothers don’t have the adequate nutrients that they need to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Red lentils are high in vitamin B9 that carries folic acids, which guarantee healthy brain development and prevents any birth defects such as spina bifida. Likewise, pregnant women who supplement on this vitamin throughout their pregnancy are to less likely have premature deliveries.

RL-Red Lentil Cooked Dal served in a bowl

May boost energy level

Iron deficiency is one cause of poor energy levels. Iron is an essential part of haemoglobin that helps red blood cells to oxygenate properly. Since red lentils are a good source of iron, they help in avoiding lethargy that is a result of poor oxygenation.

Helpful in weight control

One cup of cooked red lentils contains 230 calories, but they are high in nutrition. They provide fibre and protein that are important in weight loss. They fill the stomach, preventing hunger after eating for a longer period and keep you away from binge eating which can derail your healthy eating habit. Fibre also slows down the rate at which carbohydrates enter the bloodstream and keep the blood sugar at a normal level.

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