Over the years, we’ve noticed that three of our products have become firm favourites among our customers. We decided to round up these three and offer them to you in one, cost-saving pack: our Favourites Pack.

Our Favourites Pack includes:

750g Whole Red Lentils

Lentil Protein Ball Kit

Mild Curry Kit

Our 750g Whole Red Lentils are great for everyday cooking. They do not melt away into the dish; they hold their shape and firmness after the right amount of cooking, so that you can enjoy the texture and taste.

Our Lentil Protein Ball Kit is one for our health-conscious customers and is extremely easy to make.

And our Lentil Mild Curry Kit is a family pleaser like no other! Not too hot or spicy, it’s great for kids too, and the way the lentils soak up all the goodness and flavour… it’s just absolutely delicious.

  • Dairy Free
  • Nut Free
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Our nutritious, gluten free lentils are so versatile that it’s easy to incorporate them into any dish you wish. Lentils and curries work so well together because of their ability to soak up the delicious flavours. They’re also great for making healthy plant-based protein balls and they pack a punch when it comes to your daily intake of protein and vitamins.

*Please note that as we’re transitioning to our beautiful new packaging, we’re sending out the last of our lentils still hugged by their original packaging. You might be lucky enough to receive one of our vintage packets – filled with our fresh-as-ever lentils!

Making our lentil curries and protein kits is incredibly easy. We’ve perfected the art of combining health, taste and convenience to come up with our cleverly developed lentil meal kits. Just read the instructions and you’ll be looking like a seasoned home chef in no time!

Servings per package: 8
Serving size 100g
Average quantity
per serving
Average quantity
per 100g
Energy 1270kJ 1270kJ
Protein 24.5g 24.5g
Fat, total
Sodium 5mg 5mg