Meet Our Lentil Farmers

For five generations, our families have been producing top quality, delicious lentils on our Rosevale property in beautiful South Australia. The soil is part of our heritage, and we’re deeply passionate about preserving our precious resources to ensure the future of our lentil production.

Our patch of earth brings nature’s very own superfood to the plates of thousands of Aussies.

Rosevale - Fifth generation farmers

Family at the core

Meet our Rosevale Lentils family. The owners are fifth generation farmer Marty and his wife Anne, and Nathan and his wife Anna.

The Rosevale property and business name have a rich history spanning over a century. We’ve formed unbreakable bonds with the Southern Yorke Peninsula community.

The pride of Rosevale Lentils begins and ends with our experienced and skilled team – right across all aspects of the business. We’re all passionate about farming, health, customer service and, above all, the quality of our lentils.

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Marty has been a farmer for Rosevale Lentils all his life and he loves every second of it.

I love being outside; it’s such a great feeling knowing that our lentils are locally farmed and produced on the Yorke Peninsula. We’re really passionate about offering our customers the highest quality of lentils, from paddock to plate,” says Marty.

Marty loves introducing customers to exciting lentil recipes. “Whether it’s a hearty soup or a fresh salad, there’s something for everyone to enjoy your lentils with. In fact, lentils make the best salad!”

Marty has worked on refining and testing processes for sustainable lentil harvesting for decades. “I take pride in looking after our crops. Lentils are our life.”

When Marty isn’t busy growing lentils, he enjoys SUP surfing.

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Anne loves all things Rosevale Lentils. Whether it’s shifting a ute, driving a truck or proofreading labels, Anne is passionate about growing and selling lentils.

And her love for lentils comes naturally to her, as she spent most of her life in orchards and farms.

I was raised in an apple/pear orchard with my parents and grandparents. When I got married, Marty and I moved to Rosevale, our farm at Yorketown. Now we’re growing lentils as a family and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of this business,” says Anne.

“I love that we have an exciting opportunity to run our own business, grow delicious food and have the freedom of living in the country. I get to work with my family and friends. We have such a tight knit community at Rosevale.

All of our children are involved in some form of the lentil business. When they were little, they all went out checking the crops with their dad. Now that they are older, they are driving the tractors and seeders, packing lentils and helping with the marketing.”

For Anne, nothing is better than being able to work in a family business and encouraging customers to enjoy a pack of Rosevale lentils and follow easy to cook recipes.

Outside of the lentil life, Anne enjoys yoga, swimming and reading.

Nathan smiling at the camera


Originally from the Adelaide hills, Nathan began farming with Rosevale properties until Rosevale Lentils was born… and the rest is history. Nathan’s passion for farming lentils is what drives him.

I’ve always loved farming. I love the production side and that we get to supply the world with our local lentil produce,” says Nathan.

What we have here at Rosevale Lentils is unique. We can trace the lentils that we grow directly back to the paddock for the consumer. This is pretty special.”

Not only does Nathan get to pursue his passion for farming lentils, but he shares his farming life with his kids as well.

Our kids get involved in any way they can. They help with the actual farming and growing of the lentils and they are always keen to help at markets, as well as the marketing side of the lentils, too.

When Nathan isn’t busy looking after lentils, he loves motorbike riding, spending time at the river and boating.

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Anna is our jack of all trades. Originally from the UK, Anna has been in Australia for over 23 years.

After doing a lot of travelling with work and study, she settled on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula with her husband, Nathan.

Anna has worked with Rosevale Lentils since the beginning of 2017.

I love the traceability from all aspects – being able to trace back to the paddock is a biggie for me. I love to share that with people,” says Anna.

I also love that through Rosevale Lentils, we are producing a great Australian product and selling locally. I feel the consumer loves our products because they are convenient for the time poor health nut, and they’re locally grown.

Interacting with our customers is also really important to me. Customers can call and talk with me directly, my mobile number is on the back of every bag!”

Anna loves the added bonus of flexibility to spend time with family and friends whilst she works.

Outside of speaking with our customers, Anna enjoys spending time with friends, doing Pilates and taking some time out at the river with her family.

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You matter to us

The truth is, we’re not a faceless brand. When we’re not out on the paddock or filling boxes with lentils to send off to our buyers, we’re on the phone or computers speaking directly to our customers.

We place emphasis on building relationships with our customers because we want you to feel confident in our lentils and our processes.

We pride ourselves on always being here for you when you need us. Curious about our farming methods? We’ll talk you through it. Interested in lentil cooking methods? We’ll show you how.

And, here at Rosevale Lentils, we’ve not only perfected the craft of harvesting lentils of the highest quality and selling them online to Aussie buyers, we’re also expert lentil eaters!

Our very own lentil recipes have been tried and tested and are definitely worth a go.

Are you ready to put your health first and try our fresh, top quality lentils? Shop our range, or contact us today with any questions.

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