About Rosevale Lentils

Hi, and welcome to Rosevale Lentils. We’re a family owned farming business on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Deeply passionate about sustainability and healthy eating, we grow nutritious lentils to provide your family and ours with healthy, low-cost and convenient meals.

Rosevale - Rosevale family in their lentil farm

Our family farm

We have been growing lentils with love on our family farm since 1999. We use sustainable farming practices to protect our precious environment and ensure you enjoy the highest quality lentils with the best possible nutritional value.

Whether you buy our lentils online or drop by for a visit… we pride ourselves on carefully packaging your order and giving you personalised service.

If you have the need for large volumes of lentils, we can manage bulk orders no problem. Just ask.

Woman holding lentils

Our lentils

We grow whole red lentils and French lentils. Whichever variety you choose, the health benefits of this vegan superfood are extraordinary.

Our Rosevale lentils are:

  • Packed with protein
  • High in fibre to aid digestion and improve gut health
  • Gluten free – perfect for those with coeliac disease
  • Packed full of vitamins and minerals
  • Low energy density to support weight control.

Check out our lentil recipes for great family meal ideas, or even easier – help yourself to one of our lentil meal kits. There are also a couple of snack options: our Lentil Protein Bar Kit (for a healthy on-the-go option) or our little naughty number – the Chocolate and Lentil Brownie Kit.

We’ve tested these thoroughly on our families, so we know your family will love them, too.

Rosevale - Lentils grown in a farm

Our commitment

When you choose Australian lentils, your family will enjoy a fresher, tastier and more sustainable option.

The whole lentils and lentil meal kits on our website are grown on our farm or locally sourced with complete traceability. Straight from our paddock to your plate – they are packed with freshness, nutrients and flavour.

We follow strict regulations as enforced by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). We’re also tested by SA Pathology periodically throughout the year, and we thoroughly clean the food grade machinery we use between uses.

Buying Australian also has a positive impact on the environment. If we work together to reduce food miles (the distance food has to travel to reach your plate), we’re reducing harmful gas emissions caused by transport and storage.

By buying our lentils online, you know you’re caring for the environment and supporting our local economy… all while conveniently feeding your family the healthiest produce possible.

From our family to yours – thank you.

Our Nutritious Lentil Range

Our range of whole lentils and cleverly packaged lentil meal kits offer a variety of healthy meal options for convenient and healthy dishes. We have something for everyone!

Chocolate Brownie <br>Kit</br>

Chocolate Brownie

  • The crowd pleaser
  • Just add 2 ingredients
  • Makes 2 brownie slabs
Hot Malaysian Curry <br>Kit</br>

Hot Malaysian Curry

  • For the daring diner
  • Ready in under 30 minutes
  • Easy to follow instructions
Lentil Protein Ball <br>Kit</br>

Lentil Protein Ball

  • The perfect in-between snack
  • Makes about 30 protein balls
  • Freezes well
Lentil Protein Bar <br>Kit</br>

Lentil Protein Bar

  • Healthy snack time bar
  • Makes about 15 bars
  • Chia seeds added

Our Delicious Lentil Recipes

Choc Lentil Protein Powder

Choc Lentil Protein Powder

Do you love a high protein smoothie in the mornings? I sure do, I have been trialing this recipe for weeks now and still loving it!

Healthy Baked Sweet Potato with Moroccan Lentils

This recipe is a great vegetarian meal, hearty and filling with brilliant spices to warm you up on a cold winter night.

Easy Peasy Lentil Soup

The golden thread that runs through our business is convenience – quick cooking, easy lentil recipes using simple, healthy ingredients. Our easy peasy lentil soup is exactly that.

Our Latest Lentil Articles

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