Proudly Australian Grown

We know how important it is for our customers to support Australian brands. Not only are we at Rosevale Lentils set on doing our bit to grow the local economy by employing local workers, we’re also passionate about offering our customers first hand insight and traceability of their food.

We grow our Rosevale Lentils on the Rosevale property in the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, where the climate is optimal for yielding good crops year after year.

We’re serious about keeping our chain of processes strictly within Australian borders, so that you know you’re receiving a proudly Aussie product.

Rosevale - A child walking into a lentil farm

Reasons to love local

The benefits of buying locally grown and harvested produce fresh from the farm are endless. Not only is it physically better for your health to eat locally produced food, but it also has far reaching effects on the environment when you stop buying imported goods.

Produce that has spent less time travelling equals smaller likelihood of being tampered with or contaminated, and a reduction in food miles means a cleaner, healthier environment.

Also, eliminating the days and weeks of international transit translates to fresher and more flavoursome food on your plate.

Rosevale - Lentil farm owner cares

From our family to yours

Our proudly Australian produced lentils are packed with freshness and flavour, because we’re sending it straight from our paddock to your plate. This means tastier curries, hearty broths and thick lentil soups… What a win!

Growing, harvesting, packaging and distributing our lentils on Australian soil means that we have open lines of communication with you, our customers.

We’re not a faceless brand. We love building genuine connections with our customers. We are available to answer any questions – we’re just a phone call away.

Shop the range

Lentil Protein Bar <br>Kit</br>

Lentil Protein Bar

  • Healthy snack time bar
  • Makes about 15 bars
  • Chia seeds added
Lentil Protein Ball <br>Kit</br>

Lentil Protein Ball

  • The perfect in-between snack
  • Makes about 30 protein balls
  • Freezes well
Hot Malaysian Curry <br>Kit</br>

Hot Malaysian Curry

  • For the daring diner
  • Ready in under 30 minutes
  • Easy to follow instructions
Chocolate Brownie <br>Kit</br>

Chocolate Brownie

  • The crowd pleaser
  • Just add 2 ingredients
  • Makes 2 brownie slabs

Our Delicious Lentil Recipes

Choc Lentil Protein Powder

Choc Lentil Protein Powder

Do you love a high protein smoothie in the mornings? I sure do, I have been trialing this recipe for weeks now and still loving it!

Healthy Baked Sweet Potato with Moroccan Lentils

This recipe is a great vegetarian meal, hearty and filling with brilliant spices to warm you up on a cold winter night.

Easy Peasy Lentil Soup

The golden thread that runs through our business is convenience – quick cooking, easy lentil recipes using simple, healthy ingredients. Our easy peasy lentil soup is exactly that.

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